Web servicesVersion: 9.9.7

The ABN Lookup web services allow you to integrate ABN Lookup validation and data into your own applications. There are many uses for the web services, including:

  • ABN validation and pre-fill on forms
  • Keeping ABN details stored in your database up-to-date

Access to the ABN Lookup web services is free of charge.

Web services registration

To register for access to the ABN Lookup web services:

We will process your application and e-mail you an authentication GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) which is required to access the ABN Lookup web services.


The following answers to common questions will help you to understand whether the ABN Lookup web services will meet your needs.

Can I update my ABN details using the ABN Lookup web services?

No, you cannot update your ABN details or apply for an ABN using the ABN Lookup web services. For more information, see:

Do I need to register for access to the web services to search ABN Lookup?

No, you do not need to register for access to the web services to search the ABN Lookup web site. To search ABN Lookup, simply enter an ABN/ACN or name in the box in the top right of each screen and press search. Advanced search provides additional search options.

If you have multiple ABNs or names to lookup, the free ABN Lookup tools may assist.

Information and resources

For more information about the ABN Lookup web services, see:

  • Web services user guide for a detailed description of the web services
  • Schema (18 KB ZIP) for a definition of the data returned by the web services. Note: The root document is abrPublicPayloadSearchResults.xsd
  • Sample code for a number of different languages and platforms including Visual Basic, C#, Java, php, Python, Microsoft Access and Excel.

Service description (WSDL)

The Web services Description Language (WSDL) is a language for describing web services and how to access them.

The ABN Lookup WSDL and test pages can be found at:

JSON Support

We currently provide limited JSON support for ABN and name searching. A sample page and JavaScript are available from https://abr.business.gov.au/json/

Keep in touch

We use your contact details to keep you informed of new features and planned outages for the ABN Lookup web services. Please contact us and provide your GUID and new contact details to help us keep in touch.